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It’s All In The Details.

30 Jul
It’s all in the Details….

So welcome back to the thoughts of the style guy….Some of the people who know me well, will know a little saying that I share from time to time when people ask why I dress the way that I dress, and I have to admit I stole it from a friend of mine MR Yves St Laurent. He said…”don’t be afraid to be the best dressed person in the room”  and that’s a saying I take to heart, mind you not something I lose sleep over, or something I get jealous about. It’s great to be confident to look as good as you can in any occasion and not be embarrassed about it, or being scared to look different from the rest. check this photo below of Yves St Laurent at the age of 21 a few days before he showed his first collection for Christian Dior!! (Imagine being the head of design for a label like Christian Dior at the age of 21, and looking so good while doing it!)

Look At That Suit And Those Glasses...Pure Style

Style is something difficult to define because its so personal, each person needs to develop their own style that suits their personality, lifestyle and body type. What works for me wont always work for you, and what looks good on you doesn’t always look good on me. Over the years I’ve started working on the details…yes the details make all the difference! Those little things that set you apart from the crowd, that necklace you wear, the bow tie those glasses, the things people notice that give you visual and emotional depth.  What you wear, read, drink and eat, these are the things that give you your personal style and finding the right things to define that is part of the fun. Take this man below, look at the cut of his suit, the pocket square that contrasts and draws your eye in, the hat, the tie bar, the narrow lapels. You can see that some thought, and a bit of who he is has gone into how he presents himself to the world, you can see just by looking at him that he’s gonna be an interesting guy.
The Details Give Your Personality Depth Without Saying A Word.

These details can be wearing a tie to work when everyone else wears t shirts, wearing a floral silk scarf around your neck with a fitted shirt, the scarf on its own is not very masculine, but creates visual and contrasting interest with the norm of what is thought to be masculine.

Look At His Frames, The Masculine Jewelry, Tells You A Little Of Who He Is.

I like cuff links a lot…but I only have one pair( so far)…but I’m always on the lookout for cool vintage cuff links, the ones you can get in Stuttafords are pretty boring and the cool ones from Dunhill, Paul Smith and Mont Blanc are a bit out of my price range. The cool pair of gold vintage jaguar cuff links I found in an antique store may not cost R3000 but they tell the world a little bit about who I am.

This Man Knows How To Add The Details, How Cool Is That Club Collar And Hermes Belt!

So wear those clothes that fit you well, but add a little bit of who you are in the details, the watch you wear, the shoes, the glasses, the hat, the tie, find stuff that’s interesting and classic. Be that best dressed person in the room not in an arrogant way but in a way that shows people that you have a little self respect and….Style

Be An Individual!

Yours in Style
Jared the Style Guy

Friday’s Style Guide: Join The Crew.

23 Jul
Join the Crew!
So I thought winter was over! but after freezing my (insert appropriate body part here) off last Friday night while watching the Straatlig Kinders, it seems that I was wrong!

So I thought I’d give you the low down on a classic way to to keep warm this winter, and add a bit of casual style to your winter wardrobe. The crew top is a classic piece of American fashion tradition and its been around for almost a century! The crew top is a great alternative to the hoodie as every second 12 year old boy is running around in a multi coloured hoodie, so its nice to have something casual but with understated style. When buying your “crew” fit is key, keep it slim to accentuate your profile, you don’t want to look like you’re running around in a “tellytubby” suit!

The Classic Style Staple - The Grey Fitted Crew"

Great "Worn In" Look by Diesel"

Keep the “crew” simple, stay away from ones with big logos or bright graphic patterns or prints, keep it clean and simple. I’d recommend keeping the colours muted and neutral, as this will make it far more versatile with a variety of jeans, khakis, slacks etc. Most “crews” have that vintage “worn in” look, which is great because the more you wear that new crew in, the better it will look…. and it will never go out of style!  Check out the these classic style icons rocking the “crew”  with effortless style!

JFK Putting the Crew Back Into Crewneck!

Paul Newman...Showing Us Kids How It's Done!

I’ve looked around and finding a good “crew” in SA isn’t as easy as you might think! I’ve seen some great options at Diesel and G star Raw, but these aren’t cheap and start at over a Grand! I’ve also seen some great affordable options done by Levi’s, Pepe Jeans and Gap. So you gonna have to hunt a little to find that perfect crew, but at least you wont look like every second kid on the street! Lastly, know your fabric, when buying a crew there’s a simple easy way to check that your buying something that’s gonna last, turn the base of the top inside out, and look for the label on the inside seam…..if it doesn’t say 100% cotton don’t buy. Synthetic materials in knit wear, often loose their shape over time, don’t age as well and cotton just feels better on the skin!
Yours In Style
Jared The Style Guy.

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